Friday, December 2, 2011

finding the pretty

I have no love for this can't tell in the picture, but its actually 2 different colors. So strange. The pattern is a little to be desired, but I know everything needs love...even ugly frames. I dug around and found some blue spray paint...for the record and so you know, I LOOOVE spray painting everything! So take one ugly, misunderstood picture frame with no bright future...add in one can of blue spray paint and you get....

POOF...and ugly blue frame. Okay so its not that bad now...but still needs some tender loving care and a job. Think we are on the path to a better life for this poor thing...I think!!!

Next on the "to do" list for today was some plain old wood frame mirrors I had planned to use in a bathroom. They never made it to the bathroom redo, instead they made it to the bottom of my closet. These are cute as they are...but who really wants a plain Jane mirror. Not Me! So when you take plain Jane mirrors and add in some chalk paint...

POOF...SUPER UBER CUTE Chalkboard Mirrors! Great to place by the back door with sweet notes for the kiddos or reminders for that ever forgetful hubby! Also got one long chalkboard done, that will have some antique hardware for a neat place to store chalk...more about that tomorrow and maybe some window updates.

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Beth said...

The 'ugly' frame looks great now!! I too am in LOVE with spray paint, I even spray painted the legs of our, once white, dining room table legs. I am a master with a can!