Monday, November 28, 2011

things on the horizon...

I am completely over the top consumed with my "crafting" right now.  My house is starting to really show my new (not so new, but devotion) to the craftiness that is lurking within my scattered brain, the laundry is taking over. But besides the endless hours of window refurb'ing I have been involvled in lately, there are some other things on the horizon. 

I have several gourds thats are in need of some attention, but I can't decided on what exactly needs to be done to them yet.  So they will sit on a shelf and watch me tend to other things now.  While working on the window frames I have done some blackboards and with that comes memo boards...and with the thought of memo boards come many ideas.  One of my favorites is one that I found over at Thrifty Decor Chick. Totally LOVE this memo board!  Also gave me some great ideas for my own.

 [memo board[3].jpg]

After the memo boards, watching my gourds stare at me...I plan to move onto TOOL BOXES!  Oh how I love the old tool boxes!  I have one of my own and its just perfect for about any thing...magazines reside in mine. 

I found a "how to" over at Funky Junk Interiors, CUTENESS and best the part of all its SO FRICKIN' EASY!!!  Totally loving the step-by-step instructions, SIMPLY FABULOUS!

Love Love Love!
Where to begin...

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