Tuesday, December 6, 2011

to do list

My "to do" list seems to just never end, it never changes and most certainly never gets any big gold stars.  I have oooh let's see...5 different craft projects & window re-furbs on hold.  Between tending to a 3mos old, dealing with the tantrums and tyrant 2yr old, laundry...oh the laundry, planning the holidays and the other million things my list consist of, my blogging is slacking.  But know that when I get all my little projects done I will post them.  In my minimal free time I have been getting my Etsy shop set up, which I am very excited about!!  Another love I have and great place for ideas and design tips, it the Pinterest site.  Check them out you will love love love!  Hope everyone has a Terrific Tuesday and check back with us to see what's new, exciting and full of love!!

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