Sunday, December 11, 2011

I just had to

I have been on a wreath kick this week and since my pecan wreath didn't quite go as planned, I decided to go another direction. I posted the other day about a burlap wreath I had come across and just loved the simplicity. Well...where we live craft, fabric stores or my beloved Hobby Lobby are not right around the corner, so there are times one must make due with whats around the house. And that is exactly what I did...I made do! I didn' t have any burlap just laying around, but I did know where some CAMO BURLAP was. HA! See the hubby is addictied to hunting...he is my "hunter gather". Anyhoo...he had some camo burlap that I had graciously bought him at the beginning of the hunting season and he never used it. I took it upon myself to make use of it and I am so in love with how cute this wreath came out. Now its not for everyone I know, but in my house it fits right in. And with all the Christmas fuss up...its perfect. I of course had to "girl" it up and add the polka dot bow with a rustic bell to finish it off. LOVE!

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