Tuesday, December 20, 2011

practice makes perfect

I have a Mason Jar obsession, I truly love old Mason Jars. Old blue mason's that are stamped "Perfect Mason" or the "Strong Mason" jars I just have to have them all! But they get pricey and sometimes are a little to banged up. So, I scoured the internet for ways to tint Mason Jars and did find a few different ideas. I have been playing with coloring jars ever since. I am just having a hard time getting the air bubbles out of the coloring process. The bubbles do kind of give the new jars a imperfect aged look once colored. I like the darker more jewel toned coloring...so unique. Tonight I made two with swirling in an extra color. The pictures are not super great...would be so much better in the day light. Once I get the system down on tinting these aged beauties, I will have some up on the etsy page.

Now, back to my pine cones! They finally popped open all the way and are looking perfect on our tree. So Simple! Love having just the tips painted...looks like they have been snowed on.

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