Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It's dirty work...

Did a little more junk pickin' the other day and was very pleased with all the goodies I scored. Two fire place mantels, that are exactly the same and both are in need of some TLC. They are still in great shape...except for the 20 years of dirt, but will be easy to work with.
Another great find was an old buffet. Its missing the drawers, but have I a few great ideas for it. It needs a major overhaul,  the "bones" of it are still sound and it should clean up pretty well. Sending the hubby out to do some scouting for me tomorrow, more goodies to unearth. My to do list tomorrow is really out of control. Hoping the weather warms up just alittle, so I can get out on Friday and do some much to do and still so much junk to find!

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