Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Headboard project...

Oh my sweet little headboard project, I finally made my decision on what new life I wanted to give to it.  I was so excited because I just knew it was going to be super cute and fun to work on.  I recruited my 2yr old to assist me in cleaning up this little gem (don't freak out, he actually wanted to help and is a good worker bee). Under all the dirt, grim and other strange thing something appeared that made me go "OH"!  My little helper was suprised too, and exclaimed with great excitment "Look Momma, a teddy bear"!  Oh yes, a teddy I did not notice it before I don't know.  It was really dirty...but how I missed this beats me.  So, I am on hold with this piece.  Now, the teddy bear is not my thing and my project did not include a bear of any kind.  I know what I have to do...sand the poor little dude off!  I hate to do that...but what else is there to do?  In the near future the bear will go away and I will resume my work.  Just never know what your going to find in junk!

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