Saturday, February 4, 2012

Taking a break to blog...

Sorry for the lack of posts lately...been busy in my little world lately!  WHEW!  Wanted to take a minute to share the latest custom window and info on the upcoming giveaway.  I spent yesterday working on a window frame turned jewelry board/shelf.  Really turned out just don't show all the cuteness.  Really was fun to work on...but really need to get more focused on getting some of my bigger pieces done. May not see me for awhile once I get those really going.  

Now for the giveaway...I know everyone wants to know about that.  FUN STUFF!  Okay, this weeks giveaway will be a Valentine Chalkboard with Rosettes.  I will get the pictures and the link up soon...but I am having problems getting the link to upload to my blogger tonight.  Maybe my eyes are just tired...that could definitely be the problem, user error.  

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