Sunday, January 1, 2012

We are up and running!

Welcome 2012 and Welcome to the Blue Mason Jar!  We are up and running, ready for business...well partially.  We still have the shop to get put together and hoping to have that come together the end of March. By the end of this week I will start putting items up on the Etsy Shop and start taking orders for custom pieces.  We will be re~purposing anything and everything you can think of or I can dream up.  My main love is going to be up~cycling old furniture, doors and windows.  I have a trailer full of goodies right now that is in need of my attention desperately.  

Still trying to reach 50 fans on our Facebook page and plan to host a giveaway item off the Etsy Shop when we hit 50.  Also, while you are here click over to the right side of the page and you can follow what all we are up to, or you can receive emails with updates.

We are excited about the new adventures in our future, new friends and the NEW YEAR!

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