Tuesday, January 24, 2012


This week I have been all over the place.  Housework, kids, hubby, shop worries, shop work, painting, sanding...well you get the drift.  I drop one thing and find something else that is calling for my attention, lately that has been my children. Projects spread out all over my house, my in-laws shop and my mothers porch...insanity! SCATTERED I tell ya!! So tonight I sat down in front of the computer to write my post , but then I was distracted! 
This evenings post will be simple.  It is going to be about things I love, blogs I love, ideas I love...things that drive me to push forward through all this insanity.  Honestly that should be a giant picture of my children...because all of this is for them, they are why I am pushing myself so hard here lately.  But the things that inspire me come from other places too...so tonight is about that what inspires me and here are few great blogs, great post and inspiring people.  ENJOY!  

Funky Junk Interiors ~ Oh how I love everything about Funky Junk!

DecorChick~ there is always something fun going on over here...great giveaways, good stuff!!

Thrifty Chick Decor ~ this is one of the first blogs I ever followed...LOVE IT!! Keep up daily!

Okay, well that should tide you over till I can get my brain reconnected to the rest of me and give you some entertainment for the evening!  Love Ya!

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